The Invisible Business That Funds The Web

Part One

The Internet Money Cycle

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Part Two Video describes the Internet Money Cycle and how Internet Visitors are generated, then bought, sold or traded. It explains the basic behind what The Atlantic Magazine called “The Invisible Business That Funds The Web”, and what Fortune.CNN.com calls “Web Advertising’s Master Auctioneers”.  It shows how Google, Microsoft™, Bing, as well as smaller lesser known companies like Telysis together participate in a market run very similar to Wall Street.  It goes on to explain Ad Exchanges and the marketplace where automated buying, selling and trading takes place. This is the fastest growing segment of Online Advertising …with a 213% Growth Rate over 2010 and and 120% Growth Rate over 2011. A TITAS Exchange Network is a turnkey system that positions you in long term business with no end in sight …with an industry virtually impossible to saturate.


The TITAS 250 Opportunity

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Part Three Explains The TITAS™ 250 Offer. The more networks in an Exchange, the higher the profits and profit potential for all networks in the Exchange. We explain the way we are networked with some of the largest providers in the World, to include Google™, Yahoo and Microsoft  By offering TITAS™ to your clients, or buying as an advertiser, you’ll have the ability to offer or buy Internet Traffic of all levels, quality and targeting, at lower costs than traditional “retail traffic sales outlets”,  traffic brokers/resellers or ad agencies.



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