How To Get Paying Customers

With The TITAS™ Lead Generation system, Each time your Resellers and Agencies buy or sell Digital Advertising and Internet Traffic through your TITAS Network™, you make a profit.

How To Make Money Online With Your TITAS™ Ad Exchange

[box type=”info”]One of the biggest issues of operating a business AFTER you’ve bought it, is How Do I Get Paying Customers?”  In fact, selecting a business is easy because of the researching and investigative  powers the Internet provides.

We have found from serving thousands of new and existing businesses, that the biggest issues above all others, were either:

  • Underestimating the need or the time involved in advertising and promoting an online business
  • The fear of committing to and carrying out a definite plan of action

Of course, there is the occasional business scam that will always exist online, but the survival of a legitimate online business rests almost entirely upon advertising and marketing strategies that produce nearly instantaneous traffic that converts into a sale.

With the TITAS Network™, we have tried to make these issues disappear by providing you with a system that is as close to 100% Hands-Off and Turnkey as possible. So here is what we’ve done to address that most important issue in operating an online business  …How to Get Paying Customers.[/box]


The TITAS™ Lead Generation System

[box type=”info”]The Internet Commodities and Futures Exchange™ was created to bring  wholesale to near-wholesale Digital Advertising and Internet Traffic prices small and mid-sized businesses. Advertisers and Traffic Buyers pay less for highly targeted audiences. Content Publishers get a higher percentage of revenue. Your TITAS Network™ can also be configured to accept Reseller and Agency Accounts. Each time your Resellers and Agencies buy or sell Digital Advertising and Internet Traffic through your TITAS Network™, you make a profit. As we qualify requests for new Advertiser, Content Publisher, Reseller or Agency Accounts, we equally distribute to TITAS Network™ owners. [/box]

[box type=”info”]Your TITAS Network™ will be configured with your payment processing system, i.e. PayPal™, Google™, Authorize Net™, etc. You are automatically paid for every flip, purchase or sale through your network.  You (or an outsourcer) must approve and activate new accounts into your system. Built in the Clouds with an SaaS Platform, you can grow as your needs require  … and  you can be a “hands-on” or a “hands-off” TITAS Network™ owner. If you become a TITAS Network owner, we ask that you follow a system that works and that you allow us to share our proven marketing system. If you do, we back up our commitment to you with a TITAS Network™ Six-Month License Buy-Back Guarantee.[/box]

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