What Is TITAS™?

TITAS™ is a 100% Turnkey Ad Exchange that allows you to flip, buy, sell and trade the most valuable commodity on the ‘Net …Internet Traffic.

[author] [author_info]TITAS™ stands for Telysis Internet Traffic Arbitrage System, as well as Telysis Internet Traffic Auction System. Some of our features work similar to the Google AdWords™ and Google AdSense™ programs. And without question, Google™ is the most successful online business model in Internet history, and it makes billions of dollars for THEM. Although TITAS™ operates some of its functions in a similar fashion to Google™, Yahoo™ and Bing™, it is much better when it comes to generating profits for YOU …and here’s why.[/author_info] [/author]



         The Ad Server Delivery Process






Visit just about  ANY site, blog or forum, and chances are you’ll see a text, graphical and rich media  …like a video. These placements are called “Sponsored Ad(s)”.

What you don’t see, is the near instantaneous “delivery” of those Ads. The ONLY way these ads are delivered, is through an Ad Server.

Ad Servers deliver or “serve” these ads on the site(s) you visit, it “counts” the number of times an ad is served, and some Ad Servers even decides which ads are displayed to you.

Ad Servers play a critical part in the Internet Ecosystem as described by The Atlantic.com as “The Invisible Business That Funds The Web”. Each time a Sponsored Ad is displayed, the Ad Server owner earns a fee …and that fee is based on the number of clicks, impressions or displays, or an action that is triggered as a result of viewing the Sponsored Ad.


[author] [author_info]A single Ad Server is geared towards a small company or companies willing to manage their own “Supply” or “Inventory” and their “Demand” or Buyers/Advertisers. So the larger a business becomes, the more sites it controls or the more visitors they attract …the more Ad Servers are needed. These Ad Servers connected together, are called Ad Networks.  Ad Networks allow the owners to serve more Sponsored Ads to a wider more diverse audience ..and they generate higher fees for the Ad Network owners …a lot faster and more consistently than a single system.[/author_info] [/author]


            The Ad Network Functions




BUT, suppose your Visitor (the “Inventory”) goes to a site that’s NOT managed on your Network? Suppose the sites under the Ad Network’s management don’t have exactly what the visitor is interested in, or the visitor wants to research more sources …read more content …compare features, prices or competitors?

This is where the functions of Ad Exchanges come into play ..the most lucrative and profitable system on the Internet. Ad Exchanges provide a platform that allows the Flipping, Buying, Selling or Trading of Online Advertising Inventory across Multiple Ad Networks.

The more participants in the Ad Exchange Network, the larger the Supply, the Demand and the Profits the owners make. And this is what makes the TITAS System better. It generates fees for you automatically and it allows you to provide your clients with a virtual unlimited choice of ad placements, prices, formats, quantity and quality.


[author] [author_info]Your TITAS Network™ allows you to Flip, Buy, Sell and Trade the most valuable commodity on the Internet …Traffic On-Demand. In addition to our network of over 150,000 active content partners, you are able to flip, buy and sell traffic on a “wholesale” level, from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft/Bing, you have access to over 98% of the entire Digital Advertising and Internet Traffic Marketplace! This provide for an unlimited opportunity to generate daily automated profits with your TITAS Network[/author_info] [/author]


The TITAS™ Exchange System




100% Turnkey System

We’ll help you select and register an approved business domain name. Then, we’ll design your logo and a slogan for your business. You’ll select a WordPress Theme that you like, give us the name of your payment processor (PayPal™, Google Checkout™, Authorize.net™, etc.). We’ll design a professional business front to your approval and customize your business based on the way YOU want to operate online. Your business is hosted, monitored and updated for you, allowing you to operate a totally Hand-Off business with little to no intervention on your part.



Pre-Set Arbitrage Profits

You’ll be amazed at the mark-up “retail” companies charge for Online Advertising. For instance, a very credible company charges approximately $15.00 for the same quality traffic that you pay less than $2.70 for in the Marketplace! Imagine earning 50%, 100% …ever 200% virtually risk-free profits for every click, display, action or execution that runs through your TITAS Network™! This is a profession you can be proud of and you’re providing a much needed service to online businesses. Once you set your markup, you’re paid transaction fees automatically …24 hours a day.



Profit Generating System

This business model is used by every one of the Top Internet Services Companies as reported by Fortune 500. They earn billions of dollars using Risk-Free Arbitrage techniques. That’s fine for them, but what about YOUR profits? We’ve been in business since 1996 and started operating our Online Advertising Network in 2004. We’ve spent over $60,000.00 in research, site design, ad copy and keyword, phrase and audience selection. The end result is nearly $2,000,000.00 in profits and a proven system that virtually anyone can duplicate. We’ll help you to replicate our strategies .


We’ll even perform some of our Proven Marketing and Promotion strategies for you and give you a full 6-Month License Buy-Back Guarantee. Without question, we’ve tried to make the TITAS™ System hands down, the best opportunity ever.  Make Us Prove it!  Request Your FREE Demo Now ..and Allow Us To Show You What We Mean. With A TITAS Network™,  NOTHING comes close to Automated Passive Income With a Professional Business That You’ll Be Proud To Own.


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