TITAS™ Buy-Back Guarantee

TITAS™ Worry-Free

Our commitment to your satisfaction and success with your new TITAS Network™ is reflected in our “No-Excuses” Six Month License Buy-Back Guarantee. The terms are simple:

[box] We’ve performed extensive keyword and audience research, as well as marketing methods and strategies that have produce returns in excess of 1050% in “Real-World” conditions. We ask that you help us to promote and market your TITAS Network™ using the same proven strategies that we have performed to consistently net profits.

If you follow our proven system by participating in these strategies, and maintain your TITAS Network™ for a minimum of six months, and have not earned the level of income of at least 10 times your TITAS™ License fee, we will return that fee to you 100%.

We are extremely confident in your ability to profit from your new TITAS Network™. We only ask that you are serious about TITAS Network™ ownership, and that you have have the desire and commitment to follow what has worked and what continues to work in the Digital Advertising and Internet Traffic Marketplace.[/box]

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