TITAS™ vs. The Economy

Over 72,000,000 searches are performed each month for more traffic, more sales, more conversions. Making this a multi-billion dollar business, with no end in sight.

Completely Recession-Proof …

Here’s Why…


“In two decades, the Internet has changed from a network for researchers and geeks to a day-to-day reality for billions of people” …Fortune.Money.com

“The Internet Accounted For 21% Of The Gross Domestic Product in the World’s Largest Economies ..For The Last Five Years” …McKinsey Institute Internet Study

Internet Economy Larger Than Spain, Canada …Growing Faster Than Brazil. Internet Advertising Will Surpass TV Advertising by 2016 … Forbes.com

The Internet creates 2.6 jobs for every 1 job lost. Internet Advertising Will Surpass Print Advertising This Year (2012) Mashable Business

[/quote]Rarely is there a verifiable concept that has proven successful for over a decade. [/author_info][/author]



The Top Of  The Internet Food Chain

The ideal Recession-Proof business fuels the Internet …not at the mercy of it. Internet Advertising is a business that is the backbone of the Internet. Free Content would not exist. The $8 TRILLION Dollars that The McKinsey Institute claims generated would virtually go away. The growth and importance of the Internet in the World’s largest economies …would be irreversibly affected  …if the Profession of targeting, identifying and then selling, Internet visitors did not exist. Advertisers and businesses MUST HAVE exposure and traffic that converts a visitor into a sale or a client. This process of targeting, identifying and then selling Internet visitors is the basis for every Internet Service business listed by the Fortune 500. By owning a TITAS Network, you are among the businesses that occupy the very top of the Internet Food chain.



The Business With Double-Digit Growth 

The Internet grows at such an astounding and consistent rate because of the innovation, creativity it ignites, as well as the clear profit motive. The McKinsey Institute Study stated that over 2,000,000 people participate in e-commerce each year. Over 72,000,000 searches are performed each month for more traffic, more sales, more conversions. Putting those seeking, with those offering, is a multi-billion dollar business, with no end in sight.  When things are going great in business and with the economy, businesses spend billions of dollars to expose, promote, market and sell their products and services. When there is a downturn in the economy, business spend even MORE. You want to position yourself in the middle …generating fees for each transaction from an account on your TITAS™ Agency or Network.



The Business That Fuels The Internet

Imagine having to pay a monthly fee for all of the sites you visit? Or paying Google™ for Gmail™, YouTube™ …or shelling out fees for Microsoft Live™, FaceBook™, Twitter™, Pinterest™  …and the list could go on and on. All of these services, and so many others exist because of an Ad Supported Business Model. And of the millions of new and existing business owners, the second thing, if not the first, that they all must answer is; “How Do I Get Enough Customers ..Right Now, To Start or Keep Making Money?”  There is not a single thing that cannot be bought, sold or traded, with at least two parties ..a buyer and a seller. That’s the main reason why the profession of targeting, qualifying and valuing an Internet User is so vital to the success and continuing growth of the Internet. It is a business that will never die.


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